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 When I met Val

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When I met Val Empty
PostSubject: When I met Val   When I met Val I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 02, 2008 12:23 pm

I had just arrived at the hotel where we were supposed to stay for the GA get together in west Nashville. Ultimately it was decided that we were going to be staying at another hotel. I was sent to Val's room to help her move her stuff out and in her vehicle. I asked Val what I could do to help. She said to just grab everything and get it out and I did. In the parking lot, I asked again what I needed to do to help. She said just get it all in the vehicle. I treated all of her belongings and pets like they were mine. I am sure with Val being Val, she gave me a huge hug and heartfelt thank you. I just do not remember, that was a crazy few minutes, way too many emotions for my tiny brain to remember, lol. I did not realize just who I had helped until the next day at the conference when Val was given the cage, who she was.

Val and I got to know each other better at Karen's a few weeks before the SGGA. A true friend of mine, now and forever. Every second that I get to spend with Val, and all of my glider friends for that matter, are truly a blessing.

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When I met Val
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